Should You Perform Plank? Do They Really Work?

When it comes to building your core and abs, the plank is one of the first exercises which comes to mind. It’s because of the simplicity of the exercise and the results it has on the body.

The advantage that the plank has over sit-ups and other ab exercises is that it puts the majority of the emphasis on the core region and less strain on the lumbar region thus preventing lower back injuries. In fact, performing planks on a regular basis not only strengthens the core muscles but also the muscles of the upper back.

Well, it does have a lot of positive effects on the human body but there are some negative ones associated with it too. The question is should you perform plank?

The plank is an isometric exercise and they are basically not recommended for people with high blood presure. So, if you have high blood pressure, you should definitely visit your doctor first before performing this exercise. If not, you need not be worried as the percentage of people who suffer from costochondritis is very low.

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